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A sports fan as defined in the dictionary is “an enthusiastic devotee or follower of sports.” A sports fanatic, as I am, is “a person with an extreme enthusiasm or zeal for sports.” The difference between a fan and fanatic is a matter of degree. A fanatic will follow, watch and comment on any and every sport that is on the forefront for the day.

A sports fanatic will know something about every sport played. They know whether a sport is presided over by a referee, umpire, official, timer or judge. They know which sport requires the players to police and enforce their own rules. When asked in what sport do the game officials run around in shorts, a fanatic will know the answer. They know that some sports officials are “zebras,” and they know why.

A sports fan or fanatic will try his or her best to attend every sport in person. Most of the time that is impossible. Therefore, sports fans and fanatics need a minimum set of tools to advance their passions. The first tool is old school, the AM/FM radio. Of course, satellite radios with multiple sports channels are an advancement that is often pursued. The next tool in the set is the various kinds of computers and hand-held electronic devices that can send text messages, pictures, e-mails, news flashes, surf the web, etc.

The ultimate and most vital tool is the television, but not just any ordinary one. The television must be Hi-Def with a screen as big as a drive-in movie theater. The sound system must be multi-speaker surround sound that will rattle the walls. The theater furniture must include big soft couches, recliners and footstools-enough for all your sports-watching friends. You cannot claim to have been there “to see it” unless at least you watch it on TV.

To complete the ambiance of the sports watching experience you also need food, chips, dip, peanuts, pizza, nuts and of course the basic hot dog with mustard, catsup and onions. The last item is the beverage. Canned beverages are okay, but just like being at the ballpark, the draft beer would be the ultimate.

Today, there are many options for draft beer at home. Some companies offer mini-kegs that easily slip into the refrigerator, if there is room. A better solution is to purchase one of the many keg refrigerators, coolers or dispensers now available on the market. There are mini, pony and standard keg refrigerators that can handle pressurized or non-pressurized products. Some keg coolers are set up to dispense more than one type of beer, are insulated for indoor as well as outdoor use and can convert to keep other beverages cool as well.

Whether you are a sports fan or a rabid fanatic, the enjoyment is the experience of seeing the “big play” or the “once in a life time match up.” My home theater is fully equipped and ready for use with my sports friends. I was lucky in life because I found and married another sports fanatic. Actually, I’d have to say she is more like a sports “nut,” which is even more severe than a fanatic.